The Hazards of Box “Die”

While standing in the beauty aisle of any department store you may be wondering, “Why on Earth do I pay a professional to color my hair when I could just dye it myself?” Well my friend, box dye has some pretty harmful effects to hair. Coloring hair is in art with a lot of chemistry thrown in to keep your hair in lustrous condition while still making you a shade that doesn’t naturally come from your head.

Box dyes add in a lot of ammonia to make each box work for everyone and accept the color that’s being put in the hair. This is due to ammonia raising the hair cuticle up to put color in the hair, but unlike from a professional, box dyes don’t put that cuticle (your protective layer of the hair) back down. This allows your hair to take in a lot more damage from the natural environment and the styling you put into it on a daily basis. Not to mention, it allows your hair to release the color you paid to put in it a lot faster and need to redo the color more often.

Professional Colorists understand the chemical makeup of your hair and have been taught to detect what your hair can handle. We can make recommendations from our line which will leave your hair healthier than before. An added bonus is that professional hair-color lines, only used in salons, have less ammonia since our training allows us to use the correct formula for you instead of having a generalized one-fits-all method. So please, next time you think of box dye remember the damage you’re causing for just a few dollars less.

-Let me take care of your hair, so you don’t have to. -Blake


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