Next Top Stylist

Are You The Next Top Stylist?
If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your work in print, this is the contest for you! Last year’s winners spent two days in Los Angeles learning how to style hair for photo shoots with Lucie Doughty, Editorial Director for Paul Mitchell. On day one, they had one-on-one time with a team of session professionals including a make up artist, wardrobe stylist, models and photographer. On day two, they saw their vision come to life by working as the session stylist with a team of professionals.

This year’s focus is pure hair. We are looking to create images where the beauty and integrity of hair is the spotlight. When looking at this attached image, you’ll see the undeniable focus is clean, luscious, wavy hair. Nothing else in the image detracts from the hair and the make up is clean and beautiful. Her eyes draw you in and then down the length of her hair. You can style the hair anyway you choose. For example, if you want to do big, kinky, curly hair, then do it. Just be sure to keep the hair the focus and appropriate to the category. Have fun and use your skills to create some amazing hair!

Lucie Doughty
Editorial Director for Paul Mitchell


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