Muse Beauty Workshop

A professional level class ideal for makeup artist from beginners to the seasoned self-taught.  This intensive, 2-day workshop will inspire your passion for beauty among an intimate group of creative-thinkers.  Fine tune your skills, dismiss the guess work and build your confidence in the art of application – simplified.


  • Industry Overview and Opportunitiesfrom industry terminology to career paths for makeup artist.
  • Makeup-kit Essentials and Brushes 101

from required kit basics to understanding the core makings of a professional brush.

  • Face Shape Fundamentals

learn how to access the face and create the best end result.

  • Color Theory

dismiss the guesswork and determine what shade to use and why.


  • Brow Shaping and Definitionlearn how to balance the brows to facial proportions and create the perfect shape.
  • Perfecting Foundation Application to Face Sculptingcreate a flawless looking complexion and add dimension

    thorough contouring and highlighting.

  • Complimentary Eye, Cheek and Lip Shape Applicationfrom deep set eyes to thin lips learn how to shape and compliment



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