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I was skeptical at first but couldn’t pass up trying a $15 hair cut.  It took two hours, but Yuliya gave my curly hair an awesome cut and one of the best blow-outs I’ve ever had. They bring you coffee and tea and everyone is super friendly. I will definitely go back to the SFIEC!

Kathryn T.
San Francisco, CA
4 star rating

Thank  you good people of yelp!!  I am so glad I checked this place out, it’s super close to my house, 6 minute walk, which makes it even greater.  I haven’t had my hair cut in 9 months, so I was definitely needing it, plus my hair is super long and thick so I was extremely nervous about someone hacking it off too much.  My hair stylist was great, Janina was a sweet heart, she could tell I was super scared and she came at me with full confidence, which is something I definitely need from whoever is cutting my hair.  She is only there for another 4 weeks, so I am a little nervous about tryin someone else out cuz I know it is always a hit or miss, but luckily tonight it was a hit!

Rebecca D.
San Francisco, CA
4 star rating

On Wed. I took my 10 year old twins to get their hair relaxed and cut. Their hair is very coarse and thick and difficult for most hair stylists to do and they cry whenver I work with their hair. Now I know where I will be going to get their hair done. It only cost $90.00 total. That also included a haircut and style. Today is Friday and they still can’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror or store window or rearview mirrors, etc! I will be able to style their hair with ease and I love seeing them so happy. Danielle B. and Zoe F. are amazing future professionals and I recommend them for all your styling needs.

Toni L.
Fremont, CA
5 star rating

Rosa Lee was an amazing eyebrow artist. She communicated with me, and we came to a conclusion together about what shape is best for me. She made me feel very comfortable. My brows look great! Natural but arched.

I would recommend Rosa and the SFIEC to anyone. Plus it was a great value!

Halley B.
San Francisco, CA
5 star rating


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